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We exist to provide a forum for the writer. These writers live to bring something special to you.

Rogue Bear Press is here to do more than just tell great stories.  We believe books can both entertain and provide nourishment for young minds.  We have chosen writers whose work exemplifies this philosophy.


--Author Jason Edwards

Award Winning Author Jason Edwards produces books that are at once funny, moving, scary, and useful for helping children confront anxieties and other issues.  His books have earned the Mom's Choice Award for Family Friendly Media and an endorsement from the Anxiety Disorders Association of America.

Jason is also famed for his Library Skills-building MONSTER HUNT program and for his Destination: INSPIRATION StoryCrafting Workshops.  When he isn't writing, Jason travels to schools and libraries across the nation providing his programs, as well as his unique brand of mischief and mayhem.

To learn More About Jason, CLICK HERE to visit his website or CLICK HERE for more information about his programs. 

 .--Author Joe Guida

Author Joe Guida is one of Long Island's top children performers at schools and libraries.  His upbeat shows have children participating with singing, clapping and dancing from the very beginning of his performance right through his last rocking song "Dance With Me To My Music”.

Learn more about Joe by CLICKING HERE to visit his website.




--Author Karen Bonnet

Karen Bonnet began her career as an editor/reporter in the early 1990s. Later, she became involved in public relations, working for schools, nationally recognized nonprofits, and businesses. As a published author, her articles and photographs have been published in well-known regional news publications, trade papers and magazines.  Karen provides book discussions and workshops for schools, libraries, book stores, and other venues across Long Island and beyond.

Learn more about Karen by CLICKING HERE to visit her website.




 .--Author Darren Sardelli

Author Darren Sardelli is famed across the land for being the funniest poet in school.  He has visited hundreds of elementary and middle schools to share his unique and comical poetry with children of all ages.

Learn more about Darren by CLICKING HERE to visit his website.




--Author August Jefferson

 Aug Jefferson began his writing career detailing poignant yet humorous coming of age short stories.  Many of the characters and situations from his earlier work were compiled together in his first novel, Simple Solutions.   The title was inspired by a poster Auggie had in his dorm room in college which read, "For Every Complex Problem There is a Simple Solution...And It's Wrong!   Auggie has always presented his stories of young people confronting the challenges of onrushing adulthood in the hope that they might give some light to those suffering through dark periods of anguish and despair.  We enjoy his books, and believe very strongly in the message of hope and transcendance he seeks to impart.  We feel honored to include him in our publishing family.